The Philosophy of TIS


These principles guide the internal and external operations of our organization:

We believe in the dignity and worth of all individuals, and all of our actions reflect this belief. 

We believe that, in order to develop effective and efficient services the community must be actively involved in the service planning, fund procurement, resource allocation, service delivery, and evaluation of those services.

We believe that services provided have the best outcomes when directed at self-sufficiency, independence and/or interdepen­dence, resiliency, habilitation, recovery, and health.

We believe services are best provided in the least restrictive, most culturally normative setting based upon the preference of our consumers.

We believe that services should enable natural support systems of family, friends, school, etc. to function in conjunction with TIS and interventions should be no more intrusive and last no longer than necessary to ameliorate symptoms.

We believe services should be available, accessible, appropriate, and of high-quality to all persons in our community without regard to race, creed, religion, sex, ability to pay or disability.

We believe that our organization is responsible for the efficient and effective utilization of resources and we will communicate our efforts and effectiveness in meeting our mission to the community in a timely, understandable, and consistent manner. 

Where to Find Us


Therapeutic Intervention Services Inc.


Corporate Office:

413 Mount Cross Rd. Suite 106

Danville, VA 24540 

Phone: (434) 791-3950

Fax: (434) 799-2628

Crisis Line: (434) 791-3950



Family Therapeutic Services


1210 Progressive Dr.

Chesapeake, VA 23320 

Phone: (757) 410-0382

Fax: (757) 410-0386




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